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La Bienal de Venecia 23

What is an architecturally intervened plant?!

Where does a plant begin and where does it end? If we know that every plant is located in a physical space, how far does the plant reach? To the soil, the planter, the table, the room, the apartment, the building, the street, the neighborhood, the city, the state, the country, the world or the universe?

For this occasion, our proposal for a plant in collaboration with Fabien Cappello and Xavi Nueno Guitart consists of: a pad with copies of the essay “Notes on Winnie the Pooh‚Äôs House-tree“, a pad with copies of the map of the Hundred-Acre Wood map, a podium, a 1:50 scale model of Notes on Winnie the Pooh‚Äôs House-tree, a pedestal, a plant, a planter, a bench, a light bulb, two benches, a sign, a room‚Ķ This project seeks enrich the question posed by La Bienal de Venecia 23 as well as to question the current state of our professions.

Photographs of the installation in Archivo Dise√Īo y Arquitectura: